How Zoom+ Is Redefining Health Care in The Pearl

If you live or work in the Pearl, or any part of Portland for that matter, you’re probably familiar with the many Zoom+ (202 NW 13th Ave. 844-ZOOM-777) urgent care clinics that have sprung up throughout the city since 2006. But you may not know the full scope of this exciting company’s vision and how it’s fostering our city’s remarkable focus on healthier living. With nearly 30 clinics now operating in the metro area, ZOOM+ is even looking to expand Portland’s model to other cities.

We asked Steve McCallion, Chief Member Officer and Creative Director for Zoom+, to tell us a little bit more about the company’s new offerings and its innovative approach to health and wellness. –by Fernando Nocedal

The Pearl: What role does ZOOM+ play in the Portland community?

Steve: ZOOM+, formerly ZoomCare, is known for our on-demand neighborhood clinics where you schedule appointments with your smart phone. We’re located in some of Portland’s most iconic neighborhoods and provide complete urgent, primary, and advanced care in our retail storefront clinics and advanced-care studios. You can even schedule a same-day appointment to see our alternative to the emergency room, ZOOM+Super.

In 2015 we began offering our own ZOOM+Performance Health Insurance to deliver on our promise of Twice. ½. Ten. Twice the health, at half the cost, and ten times the delight.


The Pearl: Are there any services that are specific to the Pearl location?

Steve: Yes. Our new ZOOM+Performance at 945 NW Lovejoy Street is a first-of-its-kind studio providing on-demand performance assessments and coaching, with onsite VO2Max, Neuroagility, Body Comp, and Labs. And, ZOOM+Care at 202 NW 13th Avenue provides on-demand injury, illness and wellcare, including a wide range of services, such as mental health and physical therapy, from 8 am to midnight most days of the week.

The Pearl: What would you say to prospective patients that may generally feel unsure about trying a new service or overwhelmed at the thought of anything medical-related?

Steve: They should definitely try ZOOM+Performance. There’s nothing else like it in Portland, and it’s the furthest thing from a traditional doctor’s office. It’s got a test kitchen and a movement studio where we provide food, movement, and relationship coaching.

The Pearl: Do you see any trends in terms of the services your patients require? Do you find that you draw clients of all ages?

Steve: As a next generation health-care delivery system, ZOOM+ appeals to people looking for high-quality, personalized, convenient, technology-enabled, on-demand health care that actually improves their performance. This tends to be particularly relevant to 24–40-year-olds, but we see performance-oriented people of all ages.

The Pearl: Could you tell us a bit about Food, Movement, and Relationships as medicine?

Steve: The evidence is in, and it tells us living a healthy and happy long life depends on what you eat, how much you move, and the relationships you have. From a plant-based diet program that can help get diabetics off their meds to the benefits of bone broth, ZOOM+ inspires people to take the best possible care of themselves. Our role is to separate the myth from the evidence to help people live healthier, more creative and productive lives. ZOOM+ is leading the way to a renaissance in health.


The Pearl: Could you briefly describe the general features of the ZOOM+Performance Health Insurance?

Steve: ZOOM+Performance Health Insurance combines the security of traditional health insurance and the performance-enhancing health services that make you stronger, happier, and more creative. It allows you to access the complete ZOOM+ delivery system and provides concierge access to hospital partners, including OHSU, Providence, and Legacy. By combining coverage and care we can deliver twice the health, at half the cost, and ten times the delight. What other insurance does that?

The Pearl: Last question: Do you or any of your colleagues have any tips for readers to stay safe and healthy in the new year?

Steve: Research indicates that we should all eat better, move more, and give more hugs.