The Mind at Rest

Hush: an everyday urban meditation retreat

“I wanted to create a place for people who want sanctuary and a little peace in the middle of their day,” says Chanel Carlascio, the new owner of Hush (1306 NW Hoyt St, Suite 300, 503-912-4559,, a meditation studio that recently moved into the heart of the Pearl District. The intimate studio on the third floor of the historic, redbrick Gatsby Building, cloistered well above the bustle of lively NW Hoyt Street, most certainly feels like a serene haven. Sunlight pours from the tall loft windows onto the hardwood floors of the cozy sitting space, laid out with soft meditation pillows.

Several recent studies have revealed that regular meditation practice can reduce stress and anxiety and improve memory, focus, and a sense of compassion. But for many potential meditators, it’s a challenge to carve out time and find an appropriate place to engage in this ancient practice.

“Meditation and mindfulness are access points for people to reach their full potential.”

Hush removes this barrier. Six days per week, the studio offers half-hour, all-experience-level guided meditation classes. Morning and noon sessions are at the perfect time and length for busy Portland professionals to work into their daily routines. To make meditation even more accessible, if you’re a Hush student you can stop by the studio at any time during regular business hours (Mon.–Sat. 7:30 am–7 pm)—even when classes aren’t offered—and conduct individual meditations on your own. You can listen to guided meditations on an audio device, complete with noise-cancelling headphones.

Carlascio points out that there are a number of places to meditate in the city, but that Hush stands apart as the only secular studio for this practice. Leading without adherence to any religious affiliation, the teachers who guide classes focus solely on meditation technique. “Meditation and mindfulness are access points for people to reach their full potential,” adds Carlascio. “Meditation helps you truly listen to yourself, realize you are enough as you are right now, and cultivate a less reactive mind so you can make better choices.” —Ellee Thalheimer Photo courtesy Hush Meditation