Shake it Off

Your body’s natural capacity to tremble when frightened can also heal what ails you.

In 2013, Eugene-based physical therapist Megan Moseley ripped through the hills of Spain on a solo motorcycle adventure. In a moment of clarity, she vowed to move her thriving practice to Portland within two years. That’s how Bodywise Physical Therapy (1030 NW 12th Ave, Suite 1, 503-701-4390, came to settle in the Pearl District in 2015.

The business has fast become an invaluable resource for clients seeking the considerable range of wellness services offered by Moseley, a certified physical therapist with more than 20 years of experience, including expertise in Pilates, Trauma Release Exercise (TRE), and somatic psychology. Her holistic mind-body approach borrows wisdom from across multiple disciplines, allowing clients to successfully move through physical and emotional trauma.

“One client came in for an issue she was having with her ankle,” Moseley recalls. “I came to find out that she hadn’t slept for more than an hour straight through for years, and I thought she might benefit from TRE. After her first session, she slept nine hours.”

“The human animal is designed to experience and survive traumatic episodes. I have always believed that we have the innate ability to heal ourselves.”

TRE is a series of exercises that evokes the body’s natural shaking process to facilitate our natural ability to resolve chronic stress, physical tension, and emotional trauma. Think of a dog shaking after a scary incident. Neurogenic tremors like these, which can be generated through TRE, have been shown to shift the body into a parasympathetic state of healing and relaxation.

“The human animal is designed to experience and survive traumatic episodes,” Moseley says. “I have always believed that we have the innate ability to heal ourselves.”

Beyond TRE, Bodywise offers a range of specialized recovery therapies: sport-specific training, women’s health, postural integration, post-surgical rehabilitation, and general orthopedics. Kana Arreguin, the company’s other practitioner, is one of only a few Portlanders certified as a lymphedema specialist. If you’re looking to rehabilitate from a summer of epic adventures, spice up a winter fitness routine, or heal on just about any level, Bodywise may just offer the key to feeling your best.  —Ellee Thalheimer | Photos by Ashley Anderson


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