Organic Juice Goes Digital

The organic restaurant startup wants to make healthy eating easier for more people.

Greenleaf Juicing Company (810 NW 12th Ave, 971-271-8988) started as a neighborhood juice cart on NW 23rd in downtown Portland. Its mission was to make eating healthy easier for busy people with fast, made-to-order, organic food and juices, and it quickly became a destination for Portlanders who lined-up to get fresh greens in simple and delicious ways. Based on their initial success, Greenleaf opened its first brick and mortar location in the heart of the Pearl District on NW 12th Avenue. Today, the company operates five brick and mortar locations in two states, with two more Oregon locations in the works.

Unlike many juice bars and vegan restaurants, Greenleaf is committed to using only 100% organic, plant-based ingredients and making each and every order from scratch. The company says they’re now ready to take their fresh concept to the next level by making their products available through on-line ordering.

“We’ve spent countless hours over the last few months carving out our vision for the company and are excited to raise the capital we need to make it a reality,” said Matt Trenkle, co-founder, and head of retail. “We want to take the products our customers know and trust from our physical locations and make them more accessible through digital and wholesale channels.” Greenleaf’s current menu consists of fresh, all-organic juices, smoothies, acai bowls, quinoa salads, oatmeal bowls, crafts shots and other raw goods.

The company plans to revolutionize the way people eat and diet by offering a nutrition-focused, highly-personalized digital product. “Whether you are gluten-free, allergic to certain ingredients or just have specific flavor preferences, we want to make meeting your health goals easy,” said Garret Flynn, co-founder and head of digital. “For over five years we’ve focused on gaining a deep understanding of how to supply fresh, organic ingredients to people at a reasonable price and are ready to expand our offering to more people in more convenient and affordable ways.”

This Fall Greenleaf intends to close a series A round of funding to support growth in new markets and distribution channels. The company says it plans to look for local investors in the Pacific Northwest first. “We are a Portland brand and our culture and values reflect that,” said Matt. “We always try to keep things local and finding partners here in the Northwest would be a great situation for the brand and its stakeholders.”