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E for Effort

E for Effort

The Pilates effect For some, the boutique Pilates studio Effortless Movement (1300 NW Northrup St, Suite 300) resides in the absolute perfect spot: a couple of stories above BridgePort Brew Pub. Even if a post-Pilates IPA isn’t your thing, though, this cozy loft space in a 19th-century building that once housed a rope factory will

The Mind at Rest

Hush: an everyday urban meditation retreat “I wanted to create a place for people who want sanctuary and a little peace in the middle of their day,” says Chanel Carlascio, the new owner of Hush (1306 NW Hoyt St, Suite 300, 503-912-4559,, a meditation studio that recently moved into the heart of the Pearl District.

Green Beauty

Treating yourself and the environment with care A subtle waft of sumptuous scents welcomes customers to the airy storefront of Echo Natural Beauty (909 NW Everett St, 503-805-4074). Shoulders relax. Breathing slows. Meticulously organized and beautifully designed bottles, vials, and containers appear like works of art and invite browsers to slow down and consider this shop

How Zoom+ Is Redefining Health Care in The Pearl

If you live or work in the Pearl, or any part of Portland for that matter, you’re probably familiar with the many Zoom+ (202 NW 13th Ave. 844-ZOOM-777) urgent care clinics that have sprung up throughout the city since 2006. But you may not know the full scope of this exciting company’s vision and how it’s fostering our

Row How

Sara Stimac, co-owner of Firebrand Sports (500 NW 14th Ave, 503-715-5573), was so determined to open the first rowing studio in Portland that she created a crowdfunding campaign to fulfill the dream. She even rowed 10,000 meters per day on a water-resistance-based stationary rower in the Firebrand lobby to help grow her campaign from $7,000

Spin Cycle

Portland’s hottest new yoga studio has an inspirational backstory. During her last semester in law school, triathlete Kimberly Fowler was diagnosed with brain cancer and given six months to live. Three decades later, she credits yoga as central to her full recovery and return to being an elite athlete. In Venice, California, in 2001, Fowler

Fitness Creators Studio: A Personal Approach to Working Out

For many of us, there’s an inevitable disconnect between wanting to develop a consistent fitness regimen and actually putting this plan into action. David and Cindy Dentel, the husband-and-wife team behind Fitness Creators Studio (1420 NW Lovejoy St, Studio 421, 503-241-2844), have been successfully helping clients to bridge that gap for two decades. This year

Buzz Cut

From the gyrating barber pole by the front door to the smartly restored vintage leather barber chairs, Throne (917 NW 13th Ave, 503-206-6674, embodies the old-school ethic of classic American barbershops. Customers can kick off their appointment with a drink at the handsome bar, choosing from a full slate of top-shelf spirits, served either

Firm Commitment

Pilates in the Pearl A far cry from the ponytail-swinging moves of Jazzercise or the sometimes ungainly undulations of Zumba, the Pilates approach utilizes slow, controlled movement. Known for sculpting lean, strong muscles, Pilates classes aim to improve flexibility, strength, and endurance by focusing on alignment, breathing, coordination, and balance. Two well-established outfits in the

Bare Your Beauty

The dedicated waxologists at LunchBOX Waxing Salon (923 NW Glisan St, 503-208-2673, see things a little differently—they aim to reduce the pain and increase the pretty. Through experience, speed of hand, and the happily distracting art of juicy conversation, this full-service speed-wax salon excels at its art, specializing in bikini, Brazilian, and Manzillian (yes,

Hawaii State of Mind

The magic behind Portland’s intimate, island-inspired Kanani Pearl Spa The first thing you do upon entering this soothing spa is step out of your shoes and into a comfy pair of sandals. It’s a welcoming ritual, with the instant effect of breaking whatever mode you’re in and sending you to a state of utter relaxation.

Helping Hands

A pair of Pearl District wellness entrepreneurs find success through mutual mentoring. The life of a business owner can be something of a pain in the neck—managing employees, pleasing customers, meeting payroll. But when dentist Katie Ball was presented with the opportunity to take over Bling Dental in summer 2013, she already had an idea

Your Brain Matters

Join the local Alzheimer’s Association of Oregon Chapter in their campaign during Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month Weighing in at about 3 pounds, the human brain is relatively small but incredibly powerful, and it is capable of so much: composing music, raising children, designing buildings, running businesses, saving lives—the list, of course, goes on and on. Unfortunately,

Shake it Up, Portland!

Free your mind, and your body will follow, at Pure Barre in the Pearl District With just a 55-minute session at Pure Barre (1124 NW 13th Ave, 503-894-8623), you’ll achieve a full-body barre workout concentrating on the areas men and women struggle with the most: hips, thighs, seat, abdominals, and arms. The Pure Barre technique is a low-impact workout