Playing With Fire

A visionary fitness studio helps to spark cardio revolution.

Firebrand is fierce, focused, and fun. But, above all, the workouts held inside this handsome space work. Two years ago, the mother-daughter team of Linda and Sara Stimac opened Firebrand Sports (500 NW 14th Ave, 503-715-5573, in the former Lux Lighting building. This results-driven boutique fitness studio is pioneering a “one-stop shop” approach to wellness—it’s Oregon’s first and only establishment licensed to offer the Lagree Fitness method, which has exploded in recent years into a globally heralded wellness movement. (Noted adherents include actor Sofia Vergara and First Lady Michelle Obama.)

Firebrand’s major focus is Pyrolates, an experience focused fitness concept conducted on a Megaformer, an all-in-one workout machine that engages all parts of a participant’s body in a high-intensity, zero-impact program. Additionally, the Stimacs offer FireBarre, an interval dance-cardio class utilizing ballet-inspired conditioning exercises, resulting in an innovative, dynamic workout. Unlike other barre workouts geared toward shaping muscles, FireBarre works to melt away extra pounds so that you can actually see those newly contoured glutes and biceps.


The Stimacs have helped hundreds of Portlanders discover that you don’t need more time for classes and workouts—just more intensity. “Members regularly tell us 50 minutes at Firebrand translates to about five hours of their previous workouts,” Sara says. “We see Firebrand as the future of fitness.”

Firebrand has also worked hard to become a key supporter of the surrounding neighborhood. “Portland is made up of Firebrand-type people who push the envelope when it comes to things they’re passionate about,” says Linda, who regularly opens the building’s spacious lobby to Portland organizations for events, from happy hours to fundraisers. “Part of our business model includes the Firebrand Collaborative, dedicated to self-improvement, entrepreneurship, and social change. We actively seek out and endow nonprofits—such as Oregon Food Bank, Basic Rights Oregon, and Girls Inc.—that embody our core wellness and lifestyle values: to enrich and empower people to transform their lives.”

Transformation both inside and out—it’s Firebrand’s mission for its customers and its neighborhood. —Byron Beck