Style Czech

Domov I.D.’s Stefan Krupelak avoids trends, embraces texture, and emboldens clients.

The saying ‘it’s business, it’s not personal,’ doesn’t apply in the interiors business. It’s very personal,” says Stefan Krupelak, who designed the stunning Cosmopolitan Tower home of Lori and Dave Rhodes. “It’s where they cook, they fight, they love. If someone gives me their trust I take that seriously.”

Born and raised in the former Czechoslovakia, the amiable and outgoing owner of Domov I.D. has earned a devoted following in Portland, but Krupelak takes on projects all over the world. He came to his vocation by way of photography, and he’s worked for the renowned Palm Springs designer James Callahan.


For Krupelak, his job is indeed deeply personal. “I get to know clients,” he says. “The best compliment is when a client says, ‘there’s not one thing I would have chosen by myself—but I love it. I don’t want to change a thing!’”

Working closely with artist Lori Rhodes on her condo proved to be a fruitful collaboration for both parties. “She’s such a strong personality, it was easy to get to know her,” he says. “I wanted to bring something fresh—to create a space that’s truly for them.”

A frequent approach of the designer is contrasting organic shapes with lush fabrics to create a supple décor that embodies restrained elegance. “I don’t do trends, I do timeless,” says Krupelak, “I like to use different textures, but still have clean lines. It should all be really inviting and comfortable.” –Michaela Bancud