Gem Setting

A new Pearl boutique fuses its owner’s passion for fashion and art.

Among the stylish shops along 12th Avenue, Anne Bocci Boutique and Gallery (416 NW 12th Ave, 503-313-2839) shines as brilliantly as the radiant works of gemstone jewelry inside. But there’s more to this refined retailer than sparkling sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and moonstones. You’ll also find paintings by local artists, designer fashion by Project Runway winners, and dazzling treasures from about 120 designers.

A jewelry designer and painter herself, Bocci encourages local talent. “I wanted to open a shop in Portland to support emerging artists,” Bocci says. “I know how much work goes into being a designer and an artist without representation, and I wanted to celebrate them in the space that they deserve.”

She first established her boutique in Multnomah Village in 2007, where it thrived for a decade, before relocating last year to this larger space in the Pearl, which better accommodates her vast jewelry collection.

As you stroll beyond the cases of emerald-quartz earrings, gold-bead bracelets, and vintage-glass pendants, you’ll discover stunning dresses from local designers like Dubard, Italian leather handbags by Portland-based Monica Caon, and chic designs from Project Runway winners Seth Aaron and Michelle Lesniak.

A judge for Portland’s FashioNXT, Bocci spotted Lesniak’s works on the runway long before the designer became a household name. “I love supporting these amazing designers who haven’t made it big yet,” she says. “And maybe they will. Maybe they’ll go on to win Project Runway. Twice.”

The one-of-a-kind works of art Bocci exhibits range from whimsical paintings by Portlander Chris Haberman to the colorful folk-inspired works of renowned artist Max Grover. Don’t be intimidated by the storefront’s upscale vibe. The boutique carries items at myriad price points. Think of your visit here as a fanciful treasure hunt—you could walk out carrying a charming $20 painting, or sporting a $5,000 necklace sparkling with hundreds of carats of luminous jewels. – Lauren Kershner | Photos by Stuart Mullenberg