Fountain of Youth

Kids love to frolic in it, and so do plenty of adults.

The long, low-slung stone-stepped fountain at 1-acre Jamison Square Park—one of the city’s and the neighborhood’s social focal points—uses eco-friendly pumps to continuously dispense filtered water throughout the warmer months. Meant to resemble a tidal pool, the water at this urban beach continuously fills an adjacent foot-deep basin before draining back out. Our advice: pick up an ice cream cone across the street at Cool Moon, grab a seat, and enjoy the show as well as the abundance of outdoor sculptures and artwork.

Number 20 in our feature
25 Reasons to Love Summer

Emerald parks, dapper dining, and shops bursting with warm-weather fashion and gear—our favorite ways to celebrate the season
Written by Andrew Collins, Fernando Nocedal, and Ellee Thalheimer with i
llustrations by Angela Southern