Dean of the District

Often working behind the scenes, Larry Jackson has made a positive impact on the Pearl.

Whether or not you know Larry Jackson personally, if you spend time in the Pearl District—and especially if you live in a condo in the neighborhood—you’ve likely felt his influence on one of the West Coast’s most dynamic and desirable neighborhoods.

Vice president of residential management for KIN Living Property Management (, Jackson oversees the company’s many condo clients, a number of which are in the Pearl District. “My main job is to interact with each condo’s board of directors,” he expains. “To handle all the bills, make sure everything works smoothly.”

Jackson knows a thing or two about working with boards of directors. In May, following three years as president of the Pearl District Business Association (PDBA) Board of Directors, the born-and-raised Portlander is stepping down.

Having served on the board for seven years, Jackson has overseen its emergence into a strong, cohesive unit. One highlight he’s especially pleased with: “We successfully quashed the street tax that the city council tried to impose on the district,” he says. “And what I’m most proud of over the past three years is that we’ve built a really solid board that I feel I can confidently walk away from. They’re young, ambitious, and smart.”

You’ll have plenty of chances to meet Jackson if you haven’t yet. For the next year he’ll remain on the board as an adviser. “We manage the Brewery Blocks with KIN,” he adds. “I’m not going anywhere.” –Andrew Collins