Pop-Up Video

Really Big Video

Meet Portland’s party projection power couple

Looking to create AN Eye-Popping Custom Visual experience for your next event? You’re in luck. Dream big, and Maria and Patrick (PJ) Harvey, co-owners of Really BIG Video (539 NW 10th Ave, 503-446-1000, rbvinc.com), can bring your idea brilliantly to life.

Their creative team delivers what they call the “WOW factor” to special events by providing custom-built, larger-than-life video projections and eco-friendly LED arrays. The couple’s wizardry regularly lights up buildings, parties, weddings (large and small), and industry conventions.

No matter what the occasion, the Harveys take fun seriously. “We started the company to give [my husband] artistic freedom—and so we could attend the best parties in the world!” says Maria. Designing with video projection, lighting, and LED is good for the environment, too, she adds. “[Our work] is a great replacement for standard signs, because they’re not a single-use item.”

Ask about her favorite projects, and you’ll see why she has trouble deciding on just one. “We did an interactive project where people walk through an LED light hallway with a large triangle projection at the end,” she offers. “It felt like you were inside an infinity mirror.” Other projects she recalls fondly include a 120-foot-tall projection on the outside of Nordstrom (Seattle) and a custom programmable LED spaceship.

In addition to building dazzling installations, the couple also rents their spacious studio warehouse and AV equipment for corporate and private events. Clocking in at 7,300 square feet, the venue proves yet again that Really BIG Video doesn’t usually play small.

As Maria puts it, “The bigger, the better!” –EG