Refresher Course

Refresher Course Pearl

Cool off this season with any of these six stimulating summer sippers.

Served in stylish Mason jars, the slow-brewed, flavorful boba milk teas at Tea Bar are at once voluptuous and feathery light. Plush tapioca pearls lend texture, organic tea provides complexity, and the all-natural flavors are artful and appetizing. Think peppermint, taro, cocoa-cinnamon, Thai iced tea, or Hong Kong–style, with evaporated milk. 

 The venerable slice joint Hotlips Pizza has a fun slogan related to its real-fruit sodas: “Yes, we put it in a can.” Flavors change, often according to what’s fresh in the Columbia Gorge, but current hits include crisp ginger (which is lovely with a splash of tea), along with slightly tart yet sweet red raspberry and full-bodied, fruit-forward blackberry.

Chilling out with a smoothie from Ben & Jerry’s is a happy way to treat yourself on a warm day. These fruity blends come in several summery flavors, including strawberry lemonade, with lemonade sorbet, lemonade, and strawberries. Or go decadent with one of Ben & Jerry’s luscious shakes. The caramel macchiato is truly buzzworthy.

Produced with grapes grown on a 1,000-foot-elevation estate in the Columbia Gorge, the chardonnay, pinot noir, tempranillo, and other enticing varietals from Cerulean Wine are the perfect summer picnic guest. When the mercury rises, consider the radiant pinot gris, with its food-friendly notes of grapefruit, apple, and a touch of honey.

It was only a matter of time. The rich nitrogen-infused cold brew from esteemed Caffè Umbria became so popular that it’s now available in an 8-ounce can. With its hints of toffee and chocolate, this lightly creamy blend is delicious without sugar. But it’s also pretty damn amazing poured over a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Greenleaf Juicing Co. has your number this season if you’re seeking healthy, organic drinks packed with flavor. Nut milks, cold-brew coffees, and smoothies are among the crowd-pleasers, as are several pressed-daily juice blends. The Sweet Carrotlime—with pear, lime, ginger, orange, and carrot juices—is sure to hit the spot.

– Andrew Collins // Photo by Jeremy Dunham/Polara Studio