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La LeResh Hair Straightening Pearl Portland

How to tame those wild waves

“I’m the Hair-Straightening diva of Portland,” says LeResh Tessiore, owner of La LeResh (510 NW 10th Ave, Studio 4, 503-750-2488). After performing more than 6,000 specialized hair-straightening treatments over the past 15 years, it’s a crown she wears proudly.

Her specialty techniques range from Brazilian blowouts—a more common and less permanent salon offering—to the more coveted Japanese hair-straightening method, which keeps natural curls at bay for upwards of six months. La LeResh is also the only spot in Portland that offers a hybrid of the two—the Japzilian—which combines the Brazilian’s smoothness with the Japanese’s longevity.

Nestled comfortably in Sola Salon Studios at 10th and Glisan, Tessiore’s single-chair space offers peaceful and private appointment-only sessions seven days a week. While the process can take up to eight hours, one-on-one specialized care and attention to quality are the cornerstones of her treatments.

“It’s definitely a time-consuming procedure,” she says, “but it’s worth the time.”

For Tessiore, it’s about more than transforming hair. She aims to help change lives. “People come in with curly or unruly hair, and they want to perfect it to save time and simplify their lives,” she says. “I love what I do because I get to help them do that.” –Lauren Kershner


Trim Those Tresses

Waiting too long between trims leads to nasty split ends, which not only slows growth but leaves those luscious locks looking dull and lifeless. Tessiore suggests getting a trim every six to eight weeks.

Stay Cool

The heat from daily straightening can damage hair fibers, leaving hair dry and brittle. If you’re straightening your hair daily, consider one of La LeResh’s treatments, which last four to six months.

Dyeing Out

While at-home hair dye may seem handy, it isn’t good for healthy hair. Many dyes use ammonia and other harsh chemicals that strip follicles and cause damage. When in doubt, leave the box out, and see a professional colorist.