Strong Medicine

Pearl Women’s Center

Female bodies are incredible. They can grow eggs, make food, and birth babies. Dr. Richard Rosenfield, Executive Medical Director at Pearl Women’s Center (140 NW 14th Ave, 503-771-1883), will be the first to tell you that with these great abilities comes considerable complexity.

Rosenfield works to improve women’s quality of life through minimally invasive gynecological surgery at this welcoming practice. “We’re really kind of a niche practice for those sorts of problems,” he smiles in his calming, spa-like office during a break from the operating room.

“We cover the gamut from infertility all the way through pelvic prolapse and incontinence as well as intimate wellness.”

This morning’s procedures? A tubal reversal to restore fertility, followed by an O-Shot to enhance orgasmic function and improve urinary incontinence. But that’s only a small sample of what his team can handle. Rosenfield and his partner, Dr. Shanti Mohling, are internationally recognized surgeons. “We cover the gamut from infertility all the way through pelvic prolapse and incontinence as well as intimate wellness,” he explains.

You’ll recognize a lot of the center’s traditional services: hysterectomy, prolapse correction, pelvic-floor reconstruction. Other services are more cutting edge, like pain-free, laser-based Femilift vaginal rejuvenation and Vivieve nonsurgical vaginal tightening, achieved through radio frequency energy.

Rosenfield is no stranger to futuristic treatments, but he believes strongly in choosing procedures and technology with evidence to support the highest-quality outcomes available for his patients. And as of December, he and Mohling are welcoming Après Plastic Surgery to the neighborhood, giving clients even more self-care resources.  — Erin Gilday // Photo by Ashley Anderson

3 Tips for Wellness


No, not that kind of regular. “Consider coming in for an annual wellness visit” even if you’re feeling tip-top, advises Rosenfield. Preventative medicine is the best medicine.


Holistic health doesn’t need to be complicated. Rosenfield’s prescription? “Focus on proper nutrition, exercise, and some sort of stress-reducing activity.”


Research and learn about topics before making big health care decisions. It’s your body; you get to call the shots.