Vision Quest

Vision Quest - Pearl Gift Guide 2019

The Annual Pearl Gift Guide

by Tracy Howard Garton // Photos by Derrin Battles // Styling by Kelsey Curtis

Get Organized

You know what they say about a messy bed equalling a messy head. Which is why we’re starting this new decade by getting organized from the get-go—and keeping our space looking good while we’re at it.

Pearl Gift Guide 2019 - Get Organized

1  Fresh florals are key for keeping a space looking fresh and inviting, and arrangements from Sammy’s Flowers always have a way of making us feel right at home.

2  Hand-shaped from reclaimed barn wood, the hourglass stool from Room & Board makes the perfect perch for keeping all our necessities at an arm’s reach.

3  Sure, digital organizational apps are cool, but nothing holds you accountable quite like putting pen to paper, especially with the help of these planners from Powell’s.

4  Form meets function and a little ingenuity with the Pablo Pixo desk lamp from EWF Modern. With its minimal footprint, wide-swinging arm, and built-in USB, it’s ready to light the way into a new decade of smart design.

5  Time is on your side with these gorgeous-yet-functional hourglasses from Hay. What can you accomplish before the sand runs out? Quite a bit, we think.

Resolve to work more productively with this desktop organizer from SMG Collective. It’s compact enough to fit on any workspace, but with room enough to store favorite pens, notebooks, and even an architect’s ruler.

Hey, Bright Eyes

The eyes are the most powerful tool we possess, and these gifts can help you keep a clear vision (literally and metaphorically) for the year that lies ahead.

Ready for more than over-the-counter eye creams can deliver? Dr. Rajani’s team at Style Aesthetics offers eye treatments of all sorts. Post-procedure, head to Frame Central to display a pic of the bright new you.

With the Earthwise sunglasses from Toms you can look good while doing good—for each pair sold the company helps restore sight to a person in need.

3, 4  Masterful cuts and dreamy facials aside, Lousallas carries all the Aveda goodies to keep your eyes looking their very best.

5, 11  Keep a positively cool outlook with Kirk and Kirk and Blake Kuwahara frames from Visage Eyewear.

6, 7  Look effortlessly chic in Oliver Peoples or Modo frames from the Eye Studio.

Snack your way to better eye health with the nutty Summit Seeker trail mix from Whole Foods—it’s chock-full of omega-3s and vitamin E-rich almonds and cashews.

From utilitarian light fixtures to these earthenware candle pedestals and pear-shaped candles, Pearl Hardware has everything you need to light the way into a new decade.

10  Juicing is an easy way to pack in a ton of nutrients, and the carrot-rich Orange Giant from Greenleaf Juicing Company tastes as good as it looks.

Your Daily Mix

From a.m. coffee runs to happy hours with friends, this is what we see getting us through our day-to-day throughout 2020 and beyond.

Pearl Gift Guide 2019 - Daily Mix

1 The mini Kanken backpack from Fjällräven is the perfect size for packing a hike’s worth of hydration and snacks.

2 These boots were made for walking. Tattooed with the outline of a rose garden you can color in yourself, the BBC boots from John Fluevog are just the kicks for wandering the City of Roses.

3 Make hydration a priority in 2020 with this insulated water bottle from skate shop Tactics.

4 And on the 10th day of Christmas, we’ll take chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Tony’s Chocolonely comes in a wide array of flavors—like Dark Milk Pretzel Toffee and White Raspberry Popping Candy—so every chocoholic is sure to find a flavor (or two) they love.

5 Uncork the Yamhela Vineyard pinot noir from Battle Creek Cellars for a dinner party with friends, or a solo night in (we won’t judge).

6 The perfect—and very Portland—stocking stuffer? A bag of beans from local coffee roaster Caffè Umbria.

7 Whether you’re heading to Friday’s dinner date or Sunday’s brunch, Nau’s boiled wool jacket is the perfect top layer for a timelessly modern (and weather-resistant) look.

Making Moves

Our crystal ball shows big things on the 2020 horizon. Whether that’s traveling by tuk-tuk or glamping under the Northern Lights, this gear is ready for your next big adventure.

Pearl Gift Guide 2019 - Making Moves

1 Plan a trip to Peru—or gift like you’ve already been—with a gorgeous hand-woven frazada or clutch from Picchu + Bold.

2 Walk miles and miles (or kilometer after kilometer) in the dandy Howser Quilted Chukkas from KEEN Garage. Fleece-lined and water-repellent, they’re game for any adventure you are.

3 Keep cozy whether far or near with the Brixton Messer fedora and Toad & Co Cabin Fever cardigan from Lizard Lounge.

4 Baby, it’s cold outside. Keep warm (and dry) with the Kari Traa Seim beanie from U.S. Outdoor.

5 Take tastebuds on a trip around the world with DIY gift sets from Penzeys—they provide the gift box, but the seasonings that go inside are totally up to you.

6 For tasty gifts and flavors, you won’t find elsewhere—like this fancy tinned squid and octopus—head straight to World Foods.

7 For a serious case of wanderlust, only a ticket abroad will do, and the folks at both Willamette Travel and Powell’s Books can help make sure your biggest—or smallest—travel details go off without a hitch.