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Green Leaf Juicing Pearl Green Giant

Green Giant

Green Giant

The healthy approach behind Pearl resident and entrepreneurial juice company Greenleaf. When you walk into one of Greenleaf Juicing’s five Portland locations and order a healthy smoothie or a vibrant açaí bowl, you might never imagine that the inspiration behind this growing Pearl-based chain is about as old-school as you can get: Jack LaLanne. The

Chown Hardware Portland Family

Legend of The Pearl

A fixture in Portland since the late 19th century, Chown looks to a bright future. On September 15, 2019, Chown Hardware (333 NW 16th Ave, 503-243-6500), a company that predates any other family business in the neighborhood—and possibly the entire Pacific Northwest—celebrates the 140th anniversary of its founding.  This is a remarkable achievement, considering that

Yo Yo Yogi Studio

All in the Family

It’s not uncommon these days for companies to describe their staff as a family—or for employees to refer to their “work wives” or “work husbands.” But in an actual family business, these honorifics aren’t just metaphors; they’re accurate descriptions. Meet three Pearl companies whose organizational charts bear a striking resemblance to family trees. By Alison

The Spirit of Giving

The HUB International employee benefits expert finds plenty of perks living in the Pearl. Tracy Vicario relocated to Portland from suburban Alamo, California, nine years ago because her husband, Greg Timmel, landed a new job here. Timmel had a hunch that his wife would like living in the Pearl. Not long after they’d arrived, they

Far Sighted

Etnia Barcelona (above) is one of several stylish eyewear lines and models carried by the Eye Studio. Tina Tsai, founder of the Eye Studio (339 NW 9th Ave, 503-219-0023,, is an optometrist who’s always had very clear vision. Of course, she has her pick of on-trend glasses at her sleek eye clinic, but her

Lending a Hand

Many outstanding organizations are doing great things in the Pearl. Meet three nonprofits helping to make the neighborhood a better place, and learn how you can get involved. Alzheimer’s Association Although it’s a disease that mostly strikes the elderly, the chances are very high that if you live or work in the Pearl, you

Erica Swanson Drink Tea Bar - Portland, Oregon

Steeped in Success

Hard work and determination have led Erica Swanson, the owner of a fast-growing Portland tea empire to realize her dreams in the Pearl. When Erica Indira Swanson, the force behind Tea Bar (1055 NW Northrup St, 503-227-0464,, was 11 years old, she and her father, John, biked across France together. To prepare, they trained

Pressed to Last

One of the Pearl’s longest-running enterprises continues to thrive. From his window at Gann Brothers Printing, Michael Gann sees people stroll by his family’s three-story brick building, perhaps on their way to REI, directly across Johnson Street. Often, he muses: They look at us and wonder: what’s going on in there? What’s in that building?

Back to Feeling Great

Hosmer Chiropractic has been dispensing fantastic care in the Pearl for five years. Here’s their story, plus three tips for summer back care. When Hosmer Chiropractic opened their new offices in the Pearl five summers ago, they decided a celebration was in order. They opened up their big windows and fired up the grill. More

In the Zone

For former NFL quarterback Joey Harrington, life after football has inspired a new mission to find the state’s next great leaders—and to keep them thriving in Oregon. When you walk into the Pearl Tavern, you’re not just going to have a good meal—you’re going to get an education in Oregon sports, and you’ll be contributing

Game Theory

Portland’s unique HQ for strategy and development can help you realize your full business potential. When does an annual brunch tradition lead to something much bigger? When it’s in the hands of Ciara Pressler, consultant, brand strategist, and founder of Pregame (503-206-7325), a membership-based professional development organization headquartered at NW 13th Avenue and Lovejoy. Pressler

Beyond Beautiful

Pearl MedSpa’s passionate commitment to self-care and community well-being. If you Happen to see Carol Robbins out and about in the Pearl District, don’t be offended if she waits for you to say hello first. As the CEO of Pearl MedSpa (1339 NW Couch St, 503-946-3888), a luxury medical spa that provides treatments ranging from

La Dolce Vita

Italian immersion without leaving Portland Whether you trace your roots to Italy—or you’re just a fan of the country’s culture—check out Scuola Italiana di Portland (971-270-0470) for its rich array of classes, workshops, and annual events—including Carnavale—that help people of all ages deepen their connection with this beloved nation. The nonprofit school rents or borrows

Smooth Operator

Relaxing for your waxing People often face the prospect of removing excess body hair with apprehension, but Urban Waxx (1036 NW 18th Ave, 503-219-9299) aims to end the dread. “From the moment anyone contacts us, we try to make waxing as fearless as possible,” says Shannon Conley, who founded Urban Waxx in the Pearl in