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Zoom Care Covid-19 Testing Portland

ZOOM+Care Offers COVID-19 Testing

ZOOM+Care Offers COVID-19 Testing

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ZOOM+Care (945 NW Lovejoy Street), a leading provider of retail and virtual healthcare, began offering drive-thru testing on Thursday, April 9th. Due to limited capacity, the company will reserve tests for at-risk individuals who have been pre-screened by Zoom providers. ZOOM+Care began gearing up for public COVID-19 testing in

Pearl Women’s Center

Strong Medicine

Female bodies are incredible. They can grow eggs, make food, and birth babies. Dr. Richard Rosenfield, Executive Medical Director at Pearl Women’s Center (140 NW 14th Ave, 503-771-1883), will be the first to tell you that with these great abilities comes considerable complexity. Rosenfield works to improve women’s quality of life through minimally invasive gynecological

La LeResh Hair Straightening Pearl Portland

Straight to the point

How to tame those wild waves “I’m the Hair-Straightening diva of Portland,” says LeResh Tessiore, owner of La LeResh (510 NW 10th Ave, Studio 4, 503-750-2488). After performing more than 6,000 specialized hair-straightening treatments over the past 15 years, it’s a crown she wears proudly. Her specialty techniques range from Brazilian blowouts—a more common and

Cryo PDX Pearl

Cold Comfort

As it celebrates two years in business, popular CryoPDX has unveiled a range of nifty new treatments and therapies. Crofton Diack has good reason to believe in CryoPDX. “I didn’t have to take opiate drugs right after surgery when I broke my shoulder, and I credit cryotherapy,” she says. “It was an instant relief of

Women in Wellness

The Pearl District has emerged into Portland’s hub of fitness and bodywork, and the vast majority of the neighborhood’s studios have been established by female entrepreneurs. From pilates salons to holistic-oriented chiropractors, here are nine of our favorite women-owned wellness businesses. FIREBRAND SPORTS Back in the day, Linda Stimac and her daughter Sara toiled in

Looking Good

Where to freshen up after working out in the Pearl District Lousallas Salon Once upon a time, 12-year-old Lucy Bunte dreamed of opening a salon. But, when she later became a single mom, her vision was detoured. After 30 years of being a stylist, she has finally opened the doors of Lousallas Salon, a serene

The War on Gravity

An effective remedy for aches and pains, Rolfing can set you straight. Joachim Creten Certified Advanced Rolfer™ (1211 NW Glisan St, Suite 205, 503-515-1023) likes to keep his explanation of Rolfing simple. For this Pearl District bodyworker, it’s not a complicated paleo diet or a strict hot yoga practice that will keep you pain-free—it’s correctly

Back to Feeling Great

Hosmer Chiropractic has been dispensing fantastic care in the Pearl for five years. Here’s their story, plus three tips for summer back care. When Hosmer Chiropractic opened their new offices in the Pearl five summers ago, they decided a celebration was in order. They opened up their big windows and fired up the grill. More

25 Reasons to Love Summer

Emerald parks, dapper dining, and shops bursting with warm-weather fashion and gear—our favorite ways to celebrate the season By Andrew Collins, Fernando Nocedal, and Ellee Thalheimer with illustrations by Angela Southern. Click here to see the full layout of this feature in our digital flipbook. 1. Salud! to Summer Ale – Local Brewery Summer Offerings

Get Out(side)

For an urban neighborhood, the Pearl offers plenty of fun ways to get fresh air. BIKE You’ll find more than 90 Biketown bike-share cycles at nine different stations around the Pearl.  RUN With generally wide sidewalks and plenty of diversionary scenery, the Pearl is a joggers’ mecca. STRETCH The more than 3 acres of lush

Pedal Power

It began in an unlikely place: a garage in the Bay Area where Western Bikeworks (1015 NW 17th Ave, 503-342-9985) founders Lou Doctor and Jay Torborg were selling bike tires on eBay. They began selling so many that tire manufacturers approached them and suggested they start their own company. In 2003, they heeded that advice,

Smooth Operator

Relaxing for your waxing People often face the prospect of removing excess body hair with apprehension, but Urban Waxx (1036 NW 18th Ave, 503-219-9299) aims to end the dread. “From the moment anyone contacts us, we try to make waxing as fearless as possible,” says Shannon Conley, who founded Urban Waxx in the Pearl in

Cloud Nine

Ever wonder what it’s like to escape from the frenetic pace of your day and relax for a while inside a soundproof float suite? We found the answer at Enso Float… Warm water—with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts dissolved in it—buoyed my body, which lay weightless on the surface. I hadn’t known that my session

Swag Bag

A fun new app turns the Pearl District into a scavenger hunt for great deals at shops, restaurants, bars, and other neighborhood businesses. The Pearl District Business Association recently partnered with the fast-growing local marketing and advertising technology company SWAG’R to launch an app that aims to revolutionize the way consumers and businesses throughout the