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Lizard Lounge Pearl Portland

Lounge Wear

From its setting inside the stunningly restored 1909 Crane Plumbing building to the organic cotton and recycled fabrics used by its acclaimed house brand, Santa Barbara–based Toad & Co, Lizard Lounge (1323 NW Irving St, 503-416-7476) walks the walk when it comes to sustainability. Opened in 2007 as Toad & Co’s first retail space, the

Picchu + Bold Pillows

Andes Roots

A Portlander with Peruvian and Quechua family ties has opened a fair-trade, handcrafted-goods shop that aims to make a positive social impact. Some years ago, Cheryl Pape browsed the colorful aisles of a bustling Peruvian market. She ran her fingers over the grainy surface of a spoon made of mango wood—it was just like the

Botanist Bar Pearl PDX

Garden Party

Cocktails and conversation in a leafy subterranean lair on Lovejoy Street will leave you smiling. It’s a slight irony that one of the most lushly verdant bars in Portland is located entirely underground, without so much as a tiny window to let in natural light. But when you’re in the emerald environs of the Botanist

Green Leaf Juicing Pearl Green Giant

Green Giant

The healthy approach behind Pearl resident and entrepreneurial juice company Greenleaf. When you walk into one of Greenleaf Juicing’s five Portland locations and order a healthy smoothie or a vibrant açaí bowl, you might never imagine that the inspiration behind this growing Pearl-based chain is about as old-school as you can get: Jack LaLanne. The

Pearl Women’s Center

Strong Medicine

Female bodies are incredible. They can grow eggs, make food, and birth babies. Dr. Richard Rosenfield, Executive Medical Director at Pearl Women’s Center (140 NW 14th Ave, 503-771-1883), will be the first to tell you that with these great abilities comes considerable complexity. Rosenfield works to improve women’s quality of life through minimally invasive gynecological